Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Abbott Laboratories
  • 上海市, China


What You'll Work On
• Perform hypothesis-driven analysis of PWD user data from various sources.
• Effectively present findings and your own conclusions/recommendations to stakeholders of various backgrounds. Requires the ability to aggregate and simplify results into memorable “take home” messages.
• Design, validate, and solve strategic questions addressing business opportunities across the organization using data sources using a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources such as app utilization data, customer contacts, sales performance, and secondary analytics on market performance
• Create data-driven stories that address strategic business questions, supported by strong analytical skills with a solid foundation in programming (e.g. R, python), database environment (e.g. big-data platforms, SQL), and dashboard development (e.g. PowerBI)
• Conduct advanced statistical and other analysis to provide actionable insights, identify trends, and measure performance
• Collaborate with technical translators and understand business opportunities to implement scalable and sustainable solutions
• Develop standardized analysis methods and visualization dashboards for certain commonly structured datasets as well as bespoke methods for unique datasets.
• Assist system engineers in system-level characterization/verification of complex systems. 
• Communicate effectively with and participate on cross functional development teams with good negotiating skills to direct multi-disciplinary teams toward solutions.  
• Responsible for utilizing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.
• Responsible for compliance with applicable Corporate and Divisional Policies and performing other duties as assigned by management.

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
• 8+ years of relevant experience in the biological data analytics/science in a relevant industrial or academic setting.
• Experience with data querying languages (e.g. SQL), scripting languages (e.g. Python), and/or statistical/mathematical software (e.g. R) plus reporting tools such as PowerBI, SAP BI
• Strong knowledge of defined development process that is consistent with ISO, FDA design control standards or requirements, NMPA and PIPL China.
• ​Experienced in one or more of the following: Electro-mechanical, software, mathematical, chemical or biochemical technologies as they pertain to the design, integration, evaluation and commercialization of diagnostic systems.
• Ability to work on many subjects concurrently.
• Good understanding of AWS tools such as Athena, Sagemaker, Comprehend
• Good understanding of data pipelines such as data transfer methods, API documentation
• Experience with large-scale A/B testing systems, especially in the domain of online advertising ambiguity with a proven track record of being a self-starter.
• Outstanding communication skills, particularly in conveying complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences such as clients, team members and senior executives.


Category : Data Scientist
Posted : December 4, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 8 Months

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