Data Scientist Lead


Data Scientist Lead

  • جدة, Saudi Arabia


We are looking for a Data Scientist Lead to lead a technical team of Data Scientists and help us gain useful insight out of raw data. Lead Data Scientist responsibilities include managing the data science team, planning projects and building analytics models. In addition to leading the team, you will be assigned several projects where you design and develop Machine Learning (ML) models in different domains to find patterns from wide-variety types and large amounts of datasets. You will use mainly Deep Learning techniques (and other ML techniques) to solve different problems in Recommendation Engines, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other domains. You should be highly analytical, have a strong problem-solving ability and a knack for statistical analysis. You should also have strong leadership skills. If you’re able to align our data products with our business goals, we’d like to meet you. Your ultimate goal will be to help improve our products and business decisions by making the most out of our data.

• Lead a team of data scientists, machine learning and data engineers.
• Lead data mining and collection procedures and supervise projects you are assigned.
• Conceive, plan and prioritize data projects and align data projects with organizational goals.
• Analyze raw data: assessing quality, cleansing, preprocessing, structuring for downstream processing.
• Conduct research and development activities, data exploration and discovery using Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) practices.
• Develop, apply, test and implement Data Science and ML models for a wide variety of datasets gathered from different data sources such as Online market places, e-commerce platforms, social media, and web sources.
• Design and develop accurate and scalable ML models in different domains and applications, which include, but not limited to, Recommendation engines, Chatbots, NLP, text mining, text-based feature selection/representation, optimization and predictive modeling.
• Utilize a variety of tools and approaches to solve complex business objectives, from Recommendation Engines, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning/ Deep Learning, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Rule-Based Learning and Knowledge Graphs.
• Design new service offerings and solutions in E-Commerce and different fields.
• Keep up to date with latest trends and technologies in the data science and ML fields.
• Work closely with Data Engineers in data related requests, and Data Quality Assurance Officers in data integrity issues.
• Work closely with Business Analysts and product development teams to understand and implement their requirements.
• Collaborate with big data and software developers to translate ideas, models and prototypes into full-fledged solutions.
• Work closely with cross-functional teams to identify challenges and problems and suggest potential AI solutions.
• Proven experience of at least 3 years as a Lead Data Scientist or similar role of leading Data Scientists and Data Science projects.
• At least 8 years' of experience as a data scientist (quantitative analytics and data modeling).
• graduate degree in quantitative field (Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, etc.).
• Deep understanding of predictive modeling, machine-learning, clustering and classification techniques, and algorithms.
• Experience in ML applications and domains (Recommendation Engines, NLP, Language Models and Chatbots experience is preferred).
• Experience in Deep Learning algorithms and techniques.
• Proficiency in Python (other languages such as Shell Scripts, C++, .Net, Java, Matlab, R,...etc are preferred).-
• Experience in Python libraries (Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, Sklearn).
• Excellent in Algorithms and Object-Oriented programming.
• Familiarity with database technology (design and implementation) and query language.
• Familiarity with Big Data frameworks and visualization tools (ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark) is preferred.
• Knowledge of data management and visualization techniques
• Strong organizational, leadership and project management skills.
• Good business mindset and problem-solving skills.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Medical Health Insurance
• Performance Bonus
• Others


Category : Data Scientist
Posted : April 26, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 8 Months

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