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Pharmacist vacancy in Khalifah A City UAE Pharmacist vacancy in Khalifah A City UAE for unskilled workerPharmacist vacancy in Khalifah A City UAE for unskilled worker, responsibilities, and qualifications.
Khalifah A City is now looking for a qualified and experienced Pharmacist to join our team. This position offers an excellent salary of 1700 and we are open to considering foreign applicants.

As a Pharmacist in Khalifah A City, you will play an essential role in the provision of healthcare services to our residents.

You will provide accurate advice to patients on the selection, dosages, and interactions of drugs in accordance with established policies and procedures.

The key responsibilities of this role include:
• Providing pharmaceutical advice to patients on the appropriate use of medication
• Preparing and dispensing medications following prescriptions issued by doctors
• Maintaining accurate records of medication prescribed and dispensed
• Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations relating to pharmacy practice
• Organizing patient visits, medication reviews, health promotion activities etc.
• Counseling patients on the proper use of medications and their potential side effects
• Participating in continuing education programs as required by law or the organizationTo be successful as a Pharmacist, you must have a degree or diploma in pharmacy from an accredited university or college. Additionally, you should have excellent communication skills as well as strong knowledge of drugs and their effects. You must also possess good organizational skills and be able to prioritize tasks effectively. The ability to work independently with minimal supervision is also necessary for this role.
We offer competitive salaries and benefits for our employees along with an opportunity to grow professionally within the organization. We provide comprehensive training for all our staff members so they can enhance their skillset while working with us. If you are interested in this position then don't hesitate to apply This job has no reviews yet.

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Category : Pharmacist
Posted : December 8, 2023
Salary : N/A

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