Principal Software Engineer (AI)


Principal Software Engineer (AI)

Mercedes-Benz Group China Ltd.
  • 上海市, China



Job Objective
• Lead advanced research and development of AI software engineering in China, covering systems of perception, fusion, AI pipeline, data-driven based close-loop and digital testing platform development and operation. Make major technical decision and solve system level issues as key responsible person. Lead the solution generation and implementation of AI software engineering to contribute to positive business result.
• Base on through understanding of AI trend, analyze the pros and cons of tech directions and impact on Mercedes-Benz business, responsible for the technical direction of AI engineering.
• Lead the scouting of AI technology, bring in advanced technology through sharing or mentoring to enlighten tech community, and research for possible usage and implementation
• Leading technical discussion for China requirement with global RD, defining proper AI solutions to fulfill needs of local market.



• Phd/Master in automotive engineering, computer science, robotics, electrical engineering or a related field

• Rich development experience in research and development of AD & AI software engineering, covering systems of perception, fusion, AI pipeline, data-driven based close-loop and digital testing platform development and operation.
• Record team/project lead/management experience in AD HW/SW system / component / toolchain platform development of middleware, perception, fusion, mapping, localization, planning, control, data pipeline, digital testing, etc.
• Deep insight in classical and AI based algorithms and their implementation in AD system, big data, sensing or robotics.
• Strong practical knowledge of software engineering and object-oriented software development on Linux/QNX.
• Master development experiences and know-how of different SoC platforms(e.g. Nvidia, Qualcomm, TI, HorizonRobotics).
• Familiar with data-driven development and CICD concept, solid experience in close-loop development circle from cloud-end to edge-end.
• Hands on development experience with AD platforms (ROS, Autoware, Apollo, DriveWorks, DriveOS, NDAS etc.) and simulation toolchain (DriveSim, CarSim, VTD, 51Sim, etc.).

Specific Knowledge:
• Strong skill in C++ programming and scripting languages (Python among others) with large software system development experience.
• Strong knowledge in AD system software and toolchain development. (e.g. Cyber-RT, ROS, Autoware, DDS, DriveWorks, DriveOS, DriveAV, etc.)
• Good knowledge in machine learning / deep learning technologies with practical experience on tensorflow, caffe, torch, etc.
• Strong knowledge in advanced perception and fusion algorithms framework for autonomous driving.
• Good knowledge in AD sensor technology (camera, radar, lidar, etc.) and tracking/fusion theory (Kalman, IMM, PDAF, MHT, etc.).
• Experience in performance optimizations, writing efficient implementations, and software debugging.
• Inter-cultural competence and communication skills with various hierarchy levels.
• Independent and pro-active working style, willingness to travel inside China and abroad to conduct system testing


Category : Software Engineer
Posted : December 1, 2023
Salary : N/A

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