Director of Human Resources


Director of Human Resources

  • المنامة, Bahrain


Do you have a passion for creating unforgettable experiences for others? If so, we invite you to embark on a career journey like no other at Hilton Bahrain.

Hilton Bahrain is seeking a dynamic and strategic Human Resources Director to take responsibility of 221 team members welfare and development. The qualifications and requirements for an HR Director in a hotel may be tailored to the specific needs of the hotel industry, which often places a premium on customer service, hospitality, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges within the sector. Here are the qualifications typically expected for an HR Director in a hotel:
• Strategic Thinking:HR strategy development: The ability to align HR initiatives with the organization's strategic goals and adapt to changing business needs is critical.
• Education:Bachelor's degree: A bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, Hospitality Management, Business Administration, or a related field is typically required.
• Experience:
• Relevant work experience: HR Directors in a hotel with minimum 5 years of service , ideally within the hospitality sector.
• Hotel experience: Experience working in a hotel or similar hospitality environment, such as a resort or restaurants, is highly valued.
• Leadership experience: Candidates should have a track record of managing HR teams and functions.
• HR Knowledge and Skills:
• A deep understanding of the hotel industry, including its unique HR challenges, labor laws, and regulations, is essential.
• Recruitment and staffing: Proficiency in recruiting and hiring hotel staff, including front desk personnel, housekeeping, chefs, and other hospitality roles.
• Employee relations: Ability to manage employee relations effectively, resolve conflicts, and maintain a positive work environment.
• Compensation and benefits: Knowledge of compensation structures and benefits packages specific to the hotel industry.
• Customer Service Orientation:
• Strong customer service mindset: Given the focus on guest satisfaction in the hotel industry, HR Directors should prioritize hiring and training employees with excellent customer service skills.
• Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
• Excellent communication skills: HR Directors in hotels need to communicate effectively with hotel staff, guests, and management.
• Interpersonal skills: Building positive working relationships within the hotel and resolving conflicts among employees is vital.
• Leadership and Team Management:
• Leadership abilities: The capability to lead and motivate HR teams within the hotel is essential.
• Teamwork: Collaborating with other departments to ensure the hotel's overall success.
• Regulatory Compliance:
• Knowledge of labor laws and company governance: Staying updated on labor laws, health and safety regulations, and compliance requirements specific to the hotel industry.
• Cultural Sensitivity:
• Sensitivity to cultural diversity: Many hotels have a diverse workforce and serve guests from around the world, so cultural awareness and sensitivity are important.
• Technological Proficiency:
• Proficiency in HR software and technology used for payroll, scheduling, and other HR functions.
• Certifications:
• Relevant HR certifications: Earning certifications such as the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or the Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) can demonstrate expertise and commitment to the HR field.

What are we looking for?

A Director of Human Resources serving the Hilton brands is always working on behalf of our Guests and working with other Team Members. To successfully fill this role, you should maintain the attitude, behaviour, skills, and value that follow:
• Tertiary qualifications, or other collegiate-level degree, in Human Resources or related field
• Previous human resources management experience in the hotel, leisure, and/or retails sector
• Excellent leadership skills and exceptional communication skills
• Strong commercial/business acumen
• A passion for leadership and the vision to create a winning team


Category : Human Resources Specialist
Posted : November 28, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 5 Months

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