Product Manager – Bootcamp, Project work and Training (remote-part time)

Product Manager – Bootcamp, Project work and Training (remote-part time)

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If you are a student, graduate or career change aspirant, and you are missing out on the skills to work in your dream job, this bootcamp is for you. Get trained and work on hands-on projects in our bootcamp to upskill yourself!

Program: 4 weeks training certification, and project work at our German AI startup – Moyyn

What you will get from this program?

– Four weeks hands-on training and projects – in a German AI startup

– Learn and work – directly with founders and potential clients from Germany

– Do practical group Project work and build up experience in product management


Hands-on training and projects:

Get trained directly from the Chief Product Officer of Moyyn and get hands-on training and projects

– Build your own MVP – including Lean Product Canva

– Create a product requirement document

– Customer feedback analysis and interviews

– Conduct market landscape research

– Create data-driven feedback processes

Product Management Training

8 hours training by experienced product managers incl. guest speakers from Europe

– Fundamentals of Product Management

– Lean startup methodology

– Pivoting principle

– Minimum Viable Product

– Market research methodology

– Ideal Customer Profile

– Product-market fit

– SCRUM methodology

– Product Management Tools

Career Guidance

Get guidance on how to land a job in Germany

– Career sessions

– Job search platforms intro

– CV preparation

– Cover letter preparation

– Interview tips

Benefits Of Attending Our Program

– Comprehensive Skill Development: The program will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in a career as a product manager. You will learn about product strategy, market analysis, user research, product development, and cross-cultural communication, among other relevant topics. This comprehensive skill development can enhance your effectiveness in managing products in a global context.

– Cross-Cultural Communication: Global product managers need to effectively communicate and collaborate with stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds. The program can enhance your cross-cultural communication skills, enabling you to navigate cultural nuances, build strong relationships, and overcome language and communication barriers in a global product management role.

– Industry Best Practices: The program will provide insights into industry best practices and the latest trends in global product management. You will learn from experienced founders who can share real-world examples, case studies, and practical strategies that can enhance your decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

– Networking Opportunities: We offer a valuable networking platform, allowing you to connect with other aspiring or experienced global product managers. You can exchange ideas, share experiences, and build a professional network that may open doors to future collaborations, job opportunities, or mentorship.

– Career Advancement: By attending the program, you can expand your skill set and knowledge base, making yourself a more valuable asset in the job market. The program can enhance your career prospects by demonstrating your commitment to professional development and your ability to adapt to the demands of a global product management role.

– Practical Application: The program includes interactive exercises, group discussions, and case studies that provide hands-on training and projects in applying global product management principles. This practical application can deepen your understanding and enable you to translate theoretical concepts into actionable strategies in real-world scenarios.

– Potential Job Opportunities: This often serve as a pathway to future job opportunities within the same organization or industry. Companies frequently hire interns who have demonstrated their skills, passion, and fit within the organization, making it a potential stepping stone to secure full-time employment in Product Management roles.

– Resume Building: Completing the program in Product Management adds significant value to your resume. It demonstrates practical experience in a specific area of product development and showcases your commitment to professional development. This experience can make you stand out to potential employers when seeking full-time employment in Product Management roles.

A Bootcamp is an intensive training program where you will learn skills, tools, and technologies to tackle the needs of a job market. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you will mainly take part in working on hands-on projects which are from real startups which provide you with experience. Bootcamp is a skill certification program


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Posted : October 12, 2023
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