Artificial Intelligence Product Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Product Engineer

  • جدة, Saudi Arabia

150000 /monthly


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• How many years of experience you have as Artificial Intelligence Engineer ?
• Are you professional in Python programming language ? yes no
• Describe your understanding of machine learning algorithms and principles .. Beginner Intermediate Professional
• Have you developed any recommendation engine before or chatbots ? yes no
• What is your Iqama status ? I'm Saudi National I have transfarable Iqama I need new visa


• Do you have relatives in Salla ? If Yes, please clarify ..
• Do you have any criminal records? If yes, please clarify ..
• Please provide us with the name and address of two references in your previous or current work/college
• To Proceed your application , kindly share your github Link ...


Category : AI Engineer
Posted : October 29, 2023
Salary : 150000 / Monthly

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