Computer Engineer Permanent


Computer Engineer Permanent

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  • دبي, United Arab Emirates


Job Title: Computer Engineer

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Type: Permanent

Job Purpose:

The Job holder is accountable to carry out installation, repair and servicing of computers

and associated equipment.

Job Requirements:
• Minimum 2 years of relevant experience
• Good Communication skills
• Good Computer skills (Troubleshooting, Data backup, excel, word, etc.)
• Good Knowledge of office 365 products
• Good Knowledge of basic network troubleshooting

Job Responsibilities:
• Site Engineer is Consider Single point of contact & First Layer of support for business

users (HW & Application) assigned to certain division / sites, where request should

be fulfilled as per agreed SLA.
• Ensure communication for any request is performed in proper manner where any

request should be communicated by phone at least where face to face

communication is preferably.
• Responsible on Assigned Division IT Assets (Division IT Asset Custodian), where site

engineer has to ensure Service Desk Records Match with Actual physical inventory,

where records are subject to audit from Central IT Shared Services.
• Ensure incident & Service request have comprehensive information by complete

user request with right categorization and added as much as information with clear

requirement what user is looking for and educate user how to request in proper

manner (incident, Services etc..).
• Ensure All Activity are recorded in Service Desk (Worklog in Task, Request, Change,

Problem, Project etc)
• Contribute and assist on Project or Changes when required by Manager and ensure

Tasks given are handled in proper manner.
• Installation, Configuration & Upgradation of operating systems and software like MS

Office, Acrobat, Winzip using standard business best practices
• Configuration of PC & user access for IT related to services like Oracle, VDI, Microsoft

365, POS, Oracle printer
• Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of PC, Laptops, Tabs along with

peripheral devices like Printers, Scanners, External drives, Handheld devices, Emails,

Microsoft 365 email, One Drive, Microsoft Team installation, configuration &

Maintenance for users
• Ensure Distribution server is installed as the site in proper way, where site engineer

will do the needful if any support, troubleshooting needed on the server and report

back if critical issue is there.
• Documentation must be keep updated in service Desk for related to site assets,

internet users, office365 users, IP addresses, PC/Laptop brand/model, username, OS,

PC/Laptop serial no., Switches, etc.
• User satisfaction – users incident must be resolved promptly either remotely or over

Telephone or may have to visit the site if needed, where any user request must not

be solved without prior request submitted to service Desk.
• The site should not have downtime, the health of PC & Network must he kept

healthy, in case of any link failure must co-ordinate & follow up with JAM IT Network

Team till the problem is resolved.
• Need to have follow up with users or concerned for any approvals as call needs to be

closed within stipulated time
• Initial troubleshooting checklist must be done by site engineer before transferring to

others related to Application incident such as POS/Time Attendance issues & Major

Operation incident such as Site Network Down
• Assist installing Network Equipment on new Site and corporate to setup new site up

to level installing network component. And ensure documentation are on place and

recorded in service desk.
• the technical support has responsibility to follow up with network and keep Manager

informed regarding Site Failure where network team are the main contact person for

• any debate between different team (network, System Admin, Or Application) about

resolution which side, the technical support should cooperate with team to keep

follow up with all other team and insure to mitigate users.
• Maintain & Secure Network Cabinet & ensure network cabinet is clean and report

for network team for any observations.
• Site Engineer / Technical Support consider the First line of contact for user where

must insure that’s his request has been fulfilled and redirect user and instruct user

how to access system, he has to check that’s users his request has been fulfilled the

troubleshooting was done by another team.
• Collect Initial Requirements properly and coordinate with all IT Staff Related to

request and update user accordingly, where Site Engineer will be responsible to

follow up for any user request from same division through request full cycle.
• Site Engineer are subject to move between sites frequently where Site Engineer

must use his own Transportation methods and Sites/Request Assignment is

changeable based on Management Decision

• Graduate of Computer Engineering

• Minimum 2 years of relevant experience


Category : Software Engineer
Posted : November 18, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 2 Months

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