Android system application software development engineer (J42750)


Android system application software development engineer (J42750)

BOE Technology
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Job Responsibilities 1. Responsible for software requirements analysis, technical solution evaluation and development content disassembly 2. APP architecture design, core module code writing 3. Responsible for the design, optimization and development of the basic framework, and participating in the planning of the software platform and construction 4. Control the quality of application software, solve technical problems during the project, and optimize software performance 5. Conduct follow-up research and be responsible for new technologies in Android application development Product introduction of new technologies Qualifications 1. More than 6 years of experience in Android application development, software engineering, computer, communications related majors, solid basic knowledge, proficient in data structures, Basic knowledge such as network 2. Proficient in Java, familiar with common design patterns, and in-depth understanding of object-oriented design ideas 3. Proficient in Android application development, with experience in independently designing and developing the overall application architecture, familiar with JNI development 4. Have experience in system applications such as Setting and SystemUI or cross-platform application engine framework development 5. Be familiar with the underlying implementation principles of commonly used frameworks and be able to troubleshoot and solve problems 6. Proficient in using various development and debugging tools, mastering various optimization technologies, and understanding common Android system problems and limitations 7. Having certain project management experience and being able to lead the development of subsystem content in large projects 8. Have a good technical vision and coding style, and have continued interest in and follow up on IoT technology Other requirements: Bachelor's degree


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Category : Mobile Application Developer
Posted : December 4, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 6 Months

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