Information Security Architect - ????-??Elite?????


Information Security Architect - ????-??Elite?????

Mercedes-Benz Group China Ltd.
  • 北京市, China



Mercedes-Benz China is looking for ambitious young professionals who can face challenges in a transformational environment, with an accelerated growth. During the 18-months’ program, you will experience an enriching journey, which consists of high-profile projects in various business areas both locally and internationally.
After completion of the program you will continue your career in the following business area.

Position Objectives
At Mercedes-Benz, we prioritize cybersecurity as a fundamental pillar of our operations, ensuring the safety, trust, and reliability of our vehicles, systems, and digital services.

We are safeguarding our digital ecosystem, ensuring data and system security to drive innovation in the automotive industry. Cybersecurity is not only a priority but a commitment to deliver excellence in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our vehicles and digital services are synonymous with safety, security, and innovation.

Main Scope of Work
Secure Software Development:
- Learn about secure software development methodologies and coding practices, such as OWASP Top Ten and secure coding guidelines.
- Participate in code reviews to identify potential security vulnerabilities and work with developers to address them.

Application Security Testing:
- Get familiar with various application security testing techniques, including static code analysis, dynamic application scanning, and penetration testing.
- Assist in running security scans and tests on applications and systems to discover and remediate security weaknesses.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC):
- Participate in the implementation of secure SDLC practices, ensuring security is integrated throughout the software development process.
- Collaborate with development teams to integrate security testing tools into the CI/CD pipeline."

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
Basic programming knowledge
Familiarity with application security testing techniques, tools
Application Security Knowledge
CISSP certification (nice to have)


Category : Cybersecurity Analyst
Posted : November 8, 2023
Salary : N/A

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