Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Trade Capital Partners
  • دبي, United Arab Emirates


Responsibility Responsible for gathering information from various sources and interpreting patterns and trends and reporting back what has been found in a comprehensive report to the wider business/relevant audience. To do well in this role you need a very fine eye for detail, experience as a data analyst, and a deep understanding of the popular data analysis tools and databases. You should have the knowledge and skills to turn raw data into information and insight, which can be used to make business decisions.Responsibilities• Integrate data from different sources to produce insights, analyse results using statistical techniques.• Assessing, analysing, and interpreting complicated financial information in large data sets.• Developing and maintaining databases, reorganizing data in a readable format and performing analysis to assess quality and meaning of data• Work with stakeholders throughout the organization to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions.• Develop and Implement data collection and mining system, database, data analytics to optimize quality of resultsQualifications• A degree in statistics, mathematics or Computer Science.Minimum 2-3 years experience in Excel and MIS.• Must have a strong understanding of Excel, with expert proficiency in conditional formatting, VBA, forecast & trend tools to produce reports in a manner to make decision making easier.• Understanding of API and endpoints.• Experience with framework Flask.• Experience in automation, ETL• Familiar with accounting functions in Excel to be able to execute techniques in accounting.• You should also have experience with forecast and sales trend tools in Excel. Knowing how to use data simulations and solver is a plus.• Strong, communication and presentation skills.• Ability to write comprehensive reports• Excellent analytical skills - the ability to identify trends, patterns and insights from data.• Knowledge of creating excel and google sheet Macros is a plus.


  • Data Analyst


Category : Data Analyst
Posted : December 7, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 2 Months

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