Senior Lawyer


Senior Lawyer

Al-Sayer Group
  • Kuwait


Exciting opportunity for a Senior Lawyer at Al-Sayer Group in Kuwait. This Full time role offers a chance to be part of a collaborative and innovative team. Apply now to join Al-Sayer Group as our new Senior Lawyer!
Growing your career as a Full Time Senior Lawyer is a fantastic opportunity to develop useful skills.
If you are strong in presentation, project management and have the right vision for the job, then apply for the position of Senior Lawyer at Al-Sayer Group today! Senior Lawyer represents Al Sayer Group Company in Government court and other legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, or manage or advise the Management on legal transactions The responsibilities are: 1. Maintain a regular schedule of hearings, court appearances and conferences based on case requirements.ÿ2. Review the local and overseas agreements / contracts on a regular basis.ÿ3. Counsel the employees/managers on issues leading to legal implications.ÿ4. Represent the Company in the Judiciary, Investigation Department, Court Experts and other Public Authorities on advice of the Group Manager, Legal Services.ÿ5. Formulate Drafts of the company Agreements and Contracts, legal documents and acknowledgements.ÿ6. Prepare and review the case files and submit it to the Senior Group Manager, Legal Services for instituting court cases.ÿ7. Monitor the court cases, review the status of pending cases and offer solutions for quick disposals, submit the case file to the Senior Group Manager, Legal Services after the final judgement.ÿ8. Review and follow up on the daily updates provided by the external lawyers and execution staff regarding Al Sayer Group legal cases.ÿ9. Formulate and submit the report on pending issues or trials to the Senior Group Manager, Legal Services.ÿ10. Attend and represent ASG Holding Company in all collection cases before all the prosecution departments in Kuwait.ÿ11. Review and approve the credit approvals of sister companies.ÿ12. Carry out all responsibilities as MR for QMS.ÿ13. Prepare periodic and ad hoc reports and presentations.ÿ14. Document and maintain records of activities and process workflows on internal communication portals.ÿ15. Adhere to Al-Sayer Group policies and health and safety regulations.ÿ16. Perform other duties as requested by management. #J-18808-Ljbffr
Be part of our growing company as a Senior Lawyer in Kuwait. We value team collaboration and innovation. Apply today for an enriching career experience!


Category : Lawyer
Posted : October 23, 2023
Salary : N/A

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