Software Engineer - AI Training - Remote from Pakistan


Software Engineer - AI Training - Remote from Pakistan

  • اسلام آباد, Pakistan


This a Full Remote job, the offer is available from: Pakistan


Remotebase is more than just a job search platform - we're building a remote work community where you can thrive and succeed. We connect top tech talent with top clients and make it easy for you to find the job you want. So why wait? Join us and be a part of our bridge to success!

We are seeking talented coders NOW! Be part of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution.

If you are a software engineer, computer scientist, programmer, or just great at solving coding challenges (Codeforces, Sphere Online Judge, Leetcode, etc.), this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Projects might include:
• Solving complex coding problems
• Writing test cases to confirm code works efficiently and effectively
• Writing human-readable summaries of coding problems
• Writing explanations of how code can solve problems and why the approach is sound


No previous experience with AI necessary! You will receive detailed instructions on what is expected of you after you complete the application and verification process.

• Complete fluency in the English language is required. You should be able to describe code and abstract information in a clear way.
• Proficiency working with any of the the following:
• Python, Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, SQL, C/C++/C# and/or HTML

Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent. Students are welcome.
• Proficiency working with any of the the following (in addition to the languages above)
• Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, Matlab, PHP, HTML, DART, R, Apex, and Shell

• Fully remote with office optional. You decide when you would like to work from home and when from the office.
• Flexible timings. You decide your work scheduled.
• Market competitive compensation (in $$).
• Insane learning and growth

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Category : AI Engineer
Posted : September 12, 2023
Salary : N/A

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