System Administrator

System Administrator

ShellSquare Softwares
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As a network administrator at ShellSquare LLC, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the many networks and systems that keep our organization running. From maintaining ironclad security to leading updates and training users, you’ll be more than just IT support—you’ll be the common thread that connects the dots between all organizational operations. Deep technological expertise and an understanding of a wide range of computer systems, hardware, and software are essential to your ability to excel in this role—and help drive our organization forward.
• *Objectives of this Role**
- Assist in network design, implementation, and maintenance
- Provide network support across organizational operating systems
- Maintain stable and consistent connectivity across all network computers
• *Daily and Monthly Responsibilities**
- Knowledge in container technologies like Docker or Kubernetes.
- Maintain network servers and associated hardware, software, services, and settings
- CISCO Meraki and FortiGate Firewall Administration.
- Administration and management of ADDS, DNS and DHCP.
- Responsible for monitoring and managing systems that operate through VMware products and services
- Installation databases like, Postgres, Mongo dB, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, SQL and MSSQL...etc
- Install, configure, administrate, manage, and support wide range of Azure Services (ACR, Virtual Machines, VPN, Vnet, etc)
- Recommend, test, and implement system and security upgrades
- Consistently monitor and troubleshoot network stability and performance
• *Skills and Qualifications**
- Comprehensive knowledge of networking concepts and computing infrastructures
- Proven network engineering, operations, and performance analysis skills
- Experience with leading server management and monitoring tools
- Strong communication and education skills for training and assisting users
• *Preferred Qualifications**
- Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field
- 3+ years’ experience in a network administration role
- Experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019
- Operating System: Windows client OS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian.
- Experience with Cisco switches and routers
- CCNA, or CCNP certification
- MCSE certification
- RHEL 8 certification.
• *Salary**: ﷼4,500.00 - ﷼8,000.00 per month


Category : System Administrator
Posted : December 7, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 3 Months

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