Digital Marketing Specialist


Digital Marketing Specialist
  • لاہور, Pakistan


What are we looking for?
• A creative person who can come up with fresh ideas for content every month.
• Highly motivated to learn and grow. Because you will get many opportunities with us.
• Good people skills. Knows how to get the work done from team members and keep them motivated.
• Experience in B2B / Software services marketing (Digital only).

More details:

As a Social Media Manager, you'll be the driving force behind our online presence. Your core responsibilities include:

Client Management:
• Cultivate strong client relationships.
• Act as the main liaison for effective communication.

Content Strategy:
• Develop and implement engaging social media strategies.
• Create shareable content tailored to diverse audiences.

Team Management:
• Lead a team of designers, developers, videographers, and SEO specialists.
• Coordinate workflow for seamless campaign execution.

Website Updates and SEO:
• Ensure regular website updates and maintenance with our Dev.
• Collaborate for user experience optimization.
• Work with the SEO team to increase website traffic.

Analytics and Reporting:
• Use analytics for performance tracking and insights.
• Adjust strategies based on data-driven results.

Budget Management:
• Work within allocated budgets.
• Provide cost estimates for social media initiatives.

Communication Skills:
• Effectively convey ideas to clients and internal teams.
• This role demands a dynamic individual passionate about digital marketing, social media, and leading a team to achieve outstanding results.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Marketing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Media Strategy
  • Online Content
  • Campaign Execution
  • Team Leadership

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree


Category : Digital Marketing Specialist
Posted : December 7, 2023
Salary : N/A

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