Mobile Application Developer


Mobile Application Developer

Big Futur Digital
  • کراچی, Pakistan


Job Title: Project-Based Mobile App Developer (Flutter, Machine Learning, LiDAR)

Company: BigFutur


- Execute project-based mobile app development tasks using Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms

- Integrate machine learning capabilities and AI functionalities based on project requirements

- Implement LiDAR technology for tunnel scanning applications within specified project timelines

- Collaborate with project teams to understand objectives and contribute to the overall success of each project

- Ensure the delivery of high-quality and innovative solutions that align with BigFutur's standards


- Proficiency in Flutter, Android, and iOS development for project-based assignments

- Strong background in machine learning and AI, with practical experience in project settings

- Previous exposure to LiDAR scanners and their application in specific projects

- Solid understanding of project management methodologies and ability to work in a project-based environment

- Effective communication skills and the ability to adapt to diverse project requirements

Preferred Qualifications:

- Relevant academic background in Computer Science or related field

- Proven track record of successful project completion and delivery

- Familiarity with agile project management practices

- Enthusiastic about staying updated on emerging technologies and industry trends

If you're passionate about project-based mobile app development and eager to contribute to cutting-edge solutions, apply to join BigFutur's exciting team!

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree


Category : Mobile Application Developer
Posted : December 5, 2023
Salary : N/A

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