Environmental Engineer


Environmental Engineer

Randstad Australia
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia


Job Title: Environmental Engineer - Flood and Catchment Management

Position Overview:

The local council is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Environmental Engineer specializing in Flood and Catchment Management to join our dynamic team. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in developing and implementing strategies to mitigate flood risks, enhance water resource management, and contribute to overall environmental sustainability within the community.


1 Flood Risk Assessment and Management:
• Conduct comprehensive flood risk assessments for various areas within the council's jurisdiction.
• Design and implement flood control measures, including levees, dams, and stormwater management systems.
• Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop and maintain emergency response plans for flood events.

2 Catchment Management:
• Analyze catchment areas to identify potential environmental impacts and develop strategies for sustainable land use.
• Implement and monitor erosion control measures to protect water quality in catchment areas.
• Work closely with planning and development teams to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and guidelines.

3 Hydrological Modeling:
• Utilize advanced hydrological modeling tools to simulate and analyze water flow, precipitation, and drainage patterns.
• Interpret modeling results to inform decision-making processes related to flood and catchment management.

4 Community Engagement:
• Engage with the local community to raise awareness of flood risks and promote environmentally sustainable practices.
• Facilitate public consultations and meetings to gather input on flood and catchment management initiatives.

5 Project Management:
• Lead and contribute to multidisciplinary project teams working on environmental engineering projects.
• Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources efficiently, ensuring successful project delivery.

• Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Planning or a related field.
• Proven experience in flood and catchment management, with a minimum of 2 years in a relevant role.
• Strong knowledge of hydrological modeling tools and environmental impact assessment methods.
• Familiarity with relevant environmental regulations and guidelines.
• Excellent project management and communication skills.

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Educational Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree


Category : Environmental Engineer
Posted : November 14, 2023
Salary : N/A

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