Principal Software Engineer - AI & ML Platform


Principal Software Engineer - AI & ML Platform

  • Sydney, NSW, Australia



About Central AI Org Our organisation is designed to accelerate AI innovation across all our products and platform, provide cohesive AI experiences and setup up an Atlassian AI infrastructure for the future.

Our purpose is to:

1. Build horizontal AI capabilities and infrastructure which provides leverage across products
2. Build a centralised Search, Q&A and Conversational AI across all Atlassian products.
3. Explore the integration of Atlassian products with AI products outside Atlassian.

About AI & ML Platform Team

Our team is building the foundations to democratise Machine Learning for Atlassian’s teams, customers and ecosystem. Our goal is to create tools that are user-friendly and reliable, ensuring that Atlassian teams can easily embrace and utilize them. These tools will facilitate the development, deployment, measurement, and operation of AI & ML experiences. They will seamlessly integrate with the Atlassian Data Platform, enabling teams to efficiently and rapidly incorporate AI & ML capabilities into their workflows. The focus is on providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for Atlassian users, allowing them to leverage the power of AI & ML without any complications.


As a Principal Engineer on the AI & ML Platform team, you will build and shape the core infrastructure to allow software engineers, ML engineers & data scientists to develop, train, evaluate, deploy, and operate Machine Learning models and pipelines. Along with that, you will build systems for product teams like Jira & Confluence to provide access to curated LLMs. You will use your software development expertise to solve difficult problems, tackling complex infrastructure and architecture challenges. You will have the opportunity to lead engineers to drive involved projects from technical design to launch. You will also collaborate with other teams and internal customers to set expectations, gather input and communicate results.


In this role, you'll get the chance to:
• Regularly tackle the largest and most complex problems in the team, from technical design to launch.
• Deliver solutions that are used by other teams and products.
• Routinely tackle complex architectural challenges and define architectural standards.
• Lead code reviews & documentation as well as take on complex bug fixes, especially on high-risk problems.
• Partner across engineering teams to take on company-wide initiatives spanning multiple projects.
• Mentor junior members of the team.
• Our tech stack is primarily Java/Kotlin built on AWS.
On your first day, we’ll expect you to have
• Fluency in at least one modern object-oriented programming language (preferably Java/Kotlin and Python).
• Understanding of Machine Learning project lifecycle and tools.
• Experience in architecting and implementing high-performance RESTful microservices.
• Experience building and operating large-scale distributed systems using Amazon Web Services (S3, Kinesis, Cloud Formation, EKS, AWS Security and Networking).
• Experience with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.
It would be great, but not required if you have
• Expert-level SQL knowledge, query tuning, schema design, and ETL processes.
• Experience with Databricks or Apache Spark.
• Experience with Amazon Sagemaker.
• Experience with scaling and deploying Machine Learning models.
• Experience with using LLMs.




Category : AI Engineer
Posted : October 13, 2023
Salary : N/A

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