Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

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  • United Arab Emirates


Job Description: Summary:
The Environmental Engineer position in Abu Dhabi, UAE, within the Engineering & Manufacturing industry, involves applying engineering principles and technical expertise to address environmental challenges and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The role primarily focuses on the assessment, mitigation, and management of environmental impacts associated with engineering and manufacturing processes.
Key Responsibilities:
Environmental impact assessment: Conduct environmental assessments to identify potential impacts of engineering and manufacturing activities on air, water, and soil quality. Evaluate the effectiveness of existing environmental management systems and propose mitigation measures.
Regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, permits, and standards set by local authorities. Stay updated with environmental legislation and support the implementation of environmental management plans to meet regulatory requirements.
Pollution prevention and control: Develop strategies to prevent and control pollution, including air emissions, wastewater discharges, and hazardous waste generation. Implement pollution prevention measures and technologies to minimize environmental impact.
Waste management: Develop and implement waste management plans to handle and dispose of solid and hazardous wastes generated by manufacturing processes. Identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable waste management practices.
Environmental monitoring: Implement monitoring programs to assess the environmental performance of manufacturing operations. Collect and analyze data related to air quality, water quality, and waste management to ensure compliance with standards and identify areas for improvement.
Environmental remediation: Develop and implement plans for the remediation and restoration of contaminated sites. Collaborate with remediation contractors and regulatory agencies to address environmental liabilities and ensure site cleanup.
Sustainability and resource conservation: Promote sustainability initiatives within the organization by identifying opportunities for energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy integration. Assess the life cycle environmental impacts of products and processes and propose sustainable alternatives.
Environmental reporting and communication: Prepare environmental reports and documentation required for regulatory compliance. Communicate environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders, participate in environmental audits, and engage with regulatory authorities as needed.
Desired Candidate Profile
Job Requirement: Qualifications and Skills: Bachelor's or master's degree in Environmental Engineering or a related field. Strong knowledge of environmental engineering principles, environmental regulations, and environmental management systems. Familiarity with pollution prevention technologies and waste management practices. Understanding of environmental monitoring techniques and data analysis. Analytical and problem-solving skills to assess and mitigate environmental impacts. Excellent communication and teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Experience with sustainability practices and resource conservation is a plus. Professional certifications and licenses relevant to environmental engineering are beneficial.
Bachelor of Technology/Engineering(Environmental)
Any Nationality


Category : Environmental Engineer
Posted : October 27, 2023
Salary : N/A

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