Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer

UAE University, Al Ain
  • العين, United Arab Emirates


Job Summary

The NSSTC is looking to hire an electrical engineer to support the development of the NSSTC facility, to design and develop ground support and test equipment, and to create electro-mechanical hardware intended for both ground and space-based operation. You'll be working as part of a team designing and building CubeSats and Small Spacecraft. As an engineer you will be asked to perform a variety of tasks related to the development of projects within the NSSTC including (but not limited to) support of the facilities development; test equipment development; and design, analysis, assembly, test, and verification/validation of performance of ground and space-based hardware and software. The ability to work with students at UAE University as a mentor is required. Travel may be required - both domestic and international. The position is located at the NSSTC facility in Al Ain. Compensation based on experience level.

Minimum Qualification
BSc or higher degree in electrical engineering from an accredited institution

Preferred Qualification
• Experience with Microsoft Products (Word, Excel)
• Computer Aided design tool knowledge as related to schematic design and PC Board layout
• Experience creating discipline-specific documents for fabrication and assembly

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience
• Attention to detail
• Resourcefulness and creativity
• Ability to take personal responsibility for projects and work independently
• Ability with English and Arabic language

Desired but not required

Demonstrated experience with electrical engineering tools related to FPGA programming

Familiarity with designing and packaging elector-mechanical systems for the space environment

Cleanroom experience


Category : Electrical Engineer
Posted : November 30, 2023
Salary : N/A

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