Lead Software Engineer


Lead Software Engineer

  • کراچی, Pakistan



We are looking for a Lead Software Engineer (Web) who will be responsible for building and implementing new web applications, pages, and sites; their integration and writing powerful client-side/server-side solutions using web-based frameworks.


Bachelors/Masters in Computer Sciences

and nbsp; 6+ years of proven experience in developing complex applications with backend services.

and nbsp; Modern day JavaScript (ES6, ES7)

and nbsp; Experience with MERN stack.

and nbsp; Experience with tools like Redux + Redux Saga + Flow + Jest

and nbsp; Excellent understanding of ORM and RDBMS (e.g. MySql, Postgres)

and nbsp; Modern day JavaScript build tools (e.g. Webpack, Babel.js)

and nbsp; JavaScript linting tools (e.g. ESLint)

and nbsp; Good understanding of HTML/CSS and its frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI

and nbsp; Excellent knowledge of Design patterns.

and nbsp; Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

and nbsp; Source version control system i.e. Git, BitBucket

and nbsp; Knowledge of best practices (coding styles, standard naming conventions, reusability, security, etc).

and nbsp; Code Reviews

and nbsp; Good communication skills

and nbsp;

and nbsp;

Additional Preferred Experience:

and nbsp;

and nbsp; Any Backend technology other than NodeJS.

and nbsp; GraphQL

and nbsp; Prisma

and nbsp; JavaScript Charting library (e.g. D3 or Highcharts)



Category : Software Engineer
Posted : November 11, 2023
Salary : N/A
Experience : 6 Months

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