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Our one of our reputed Client was formed in 2008 in Bahrain with the aim of creating a first class supply and service company to local industry with an emphasis on the energy sector. Our Client has risen rapidly to a peerless position as Bahrain’s premier energy service provider.


a. B.Tech or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or similar b. Membership of an appropriate Engineering institute. c. Detailed practical knowledge & experience of machinery obtained through an Engineering Apprenticeship or similar formal training program. d. Ten (10) years relevant experience in refinery or other related heavy/process industry with a major in rotating equipment of which five years should have been in Supervisory position. e. Familiar with International and company engineering standards and procedure. f. Knowledgeable of the principles, practices & technology associated with installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical rotating equipment installed in refineries. g. Experienced in & been actively involved in "troubleshooting" machinery problems. h. Excellent communication skills - English written & verbal. i. Good computer skills and familiarity with company IT systems. j. Good knowledge of condition monitoring techniques and their applications. k. Good leadership skills and qualities.

a. Study daily operation turnovers to keep up to date knowledge about all rotating machinery in his assigned respective areas. b. Carry out troubleshooting of all machinery problems in his respective areas, and recommend corrective actions to rectify problems. c. Participate in meetings with Shutdown Department, plan, organize and execute all mechanical work to be conducted during process units T&ls related to his area. Planning all resources required to ensure that spare parts and manpower are available during the T&I. d. Plan, organize and execute major overhauls and minor inspections of major machinery in his respective areas as per "Mechanical Services Minor Shutdown Schedules". e. Participate in the Area Reliability Team and other Engineering projects belong to the area to improve the reliability/ availability/ efficiency of the plant. f. Assist in pre-qualification of contractors and initiate CFMs or other contract documents required to develop/ renew contracts owned by M SD mechanical. g. Identify problem areas address weakness or deficiencies in the management of the business of rotating equipment such as spare parts issues, training requirements, quality, safety and productivity issues. h. Provide technical advice whenever required to area supervisors and his subordinate supervisor on the repair of all rotating equipment, or Procurement department, on spare parts issues relating to all rotating machinery. i. Participate in incident investigations by assisting in analyzing the cause of failures and making recommendations to address or rectify problems. Assist in compiling technical investigation reports. j. Responsible for training, development and assessment of new supervisors, as well as ongoing development of existing staff. Assigned mentor form trainees, conducting craft training, report writing, assessment and counselling. Follow up on the trainee’s progress during zone training to facilitate effective, quality training. k. To ensure all overhauling reports/ recommendation from vendors and work order notes are compiled in EMPAC for rotating machinery including the major machines in respective area and probable cause of failure to facilitate effective analysis, foe development of KPIs and audit. l. Off-site vendor inspection/ technical clarifications and technical support to contractors performing overhauls repair and testing of company rotating equipment in his area, to ensure that all work complies with company standards and OEM procedures.

Other Requirements

Experience Level :

Minimum : 10 Yrs Maximum : 12 Yrs

Area :


B.Tech or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering`


Category : Mechanical Engineer
Posted : June 16, 2022
Salary : N/A
Experience : 10 Months

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