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Project Manager

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ManagerÿPurpose of Job:To be responsible for designing and applying an appropriate project management framework for the project to ensure project completion within the agreed scope, cost, quality, and time to customer?s satisfactionÿKey Responsibilities?ÿTo prepare and maintain the Project Plan and the project schedule and be responsible for the budgeting, execution of the plan, monitoring and controlling the project.?ÿTo liaise with program management (if the project is part of a program) and related projects to ensure that work is neither overlooked nor duplicated.?ÿTo track actual project performance and costs against project plan, to ensure there is no deviations from plan.?ÿTo proactively determine and manage risks to the project including the development of contingency plans.?ÿManaging the project team and the production of the required project deliverables.?ÿTo apply the change control process and any required configuration management.?ÿTo report through agreed reporting lines on project progress through status reports.?ÿTo adopt an appropriate technical and quality strategy to ensure the successful completion of the project to customers satisfaction.?ÿTo conduct end of project evaluation, team performance evaluation to assess how well the project was managed and preparing the end-of-project report.?ÿTo prepare a project Lessons Learned report and also to prepare any follow-on action recommendations as required.


Category : Project Manager
Posted : December 8, 2023
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