Chemical Engineering Technician (F/M)


Chemical Engineering Technician (F/M)

Automotive Cells Company (ACC)
  • Bordeaux, France


As part of the Chemistry Division, the Chemical Engineering Technician will carry out tests on new chemistries at various levels of maturity, in order to meet different needs. He/she will participate in internal and external projects related to the business, in particular by proposing patentable concepts and ideas.

The Main Missions will be:
• Carry out chemical characterizations/studies/analyses, following laboratory instruction sheets. Explain and interpret results. Write reports associated with characterizations or analyses.
• Manage, keep clean and operational several pieces of laboratory equipment and monitor calibrations. Write instruction sheets if necessary.
• Use element calculation sheets by replacing existing data, which requires knowledge of the basic rules of accumulator design.
• Find and apply SAFT/ACC norms or standards, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the subject.
• Manage orders and draw up purchase orders.
• Draft internal notes, oral or written reports, detailed and concrete.
• Interact with the department, related departments and suppliers.


Category : Chemical Engineer
Posted : June 14, 2023
Salary : N/A

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