Data Scientist


Data Scientist

  • Saudi Arabia


Position: Data Scientist

Reports to: Land Mobility

Sector: Land Mobility

Job Location: NEOM

Role Purpose

Working as part of the Urban Mobility team, the Data Scientist will be instrumental in mining through the wealth of data to identify trends and derive insights that will help gain critical business insights ranging from the effectiveness of cutting-edge technology solutions in the field to trends that help understand customer behavior and their needs.

Key Accountabilities & Activities:
• Understand the various modes of mobility, technologies deployed, use cases involved and what business insights need to be derived from them. Use this understanding to guide teams on data that needs to be gathered, managed, and analyzed.
• Process and analyze mobility data from various mobile and stationary sources including micro-mobility, electric and autonomous vehicles, shuttles, buses and infrastructure such as Intelligent Transportation System.
• Create models that help understand mobility system trends, and that provide the ability to understand the efficacy of various electric and autonomous technologies in use.
• Apply advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to model and understand user patterns, behaviors, preferences, and impacts.
• Analyze data and derive trends to monitor and predict potential issues.
• Work with large and complex data sets to solve difficult, non-routine analysis problems using a combination of statistical and machine learning approaches.
• Identify deficiencies in data pipeline from system providers and guide system providers in the development of data interfaces to ensure necessary data from all mobility systems is made available.
• Gather and compile a comprehensive set of relevant data features and KPIs based on the mobility mode and its use case(s) by collaborating with stakeholders.
• Work with internal and external partners and data engineers on integrating data from various sources into a centralized framework/portal.
• Communicate and present the results of mobility data analysis using data visualization tools and techniques.

• Strong mathematical background and problem-solving skills to handle complex and large-scale mobility data problems.
• Proven experience in mining large complex datasets to derive insights and build impactful models.
• Strong statistics and/or machine learning foundation required.
• Passion for learning new technologies and methods in mobility data science.
• Proven data architecture and/or data management experience.
• Strong working understanding of data, data relationships and databases. Working experience with spatial databases is highly desired.
• Must have strong programming background in one or more languages such as C++, Python, R, etc.
• Working understanding of at least one mobility system including electric vehicles, micro mobility, autonomous vehicles and/or Intelligent Transportation Systems.


Bachelor’s in Statistics, Computer Science or a related analytical field. Advanced degree preferred.


  • Data analysis
  • Management
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Development


Category : Data Scientist
Posted : December 1, 2023
Salary : N/A

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