Database Administrator


Database Administrator

Citytech Software
  • United Arab Emirates

8000 /monthly


- Establishing and configuring Database farms: Setting up groups of servers to efficiently manage network traffic and workloads.
- Managing database architecture: Designing, implementing, and overseeing the structure of databases for efficient and accurate data storage.
- Developing and integrating customized solutions: -Creating tailored software applications and seamlessly integrating them into existing systems.
- Troubleshooting and modifying database applications: Identifying and resolving issues or making enhancements to existing database software.
- Thorough testing: Thoroughly testing innovative solutions to ensure reliability, security, and functionality before deployment.
- Data entry management: Overlook data entry points to ensure pre-normalization of data for storing correct data types and restrictive rules.

- Must have expertise in database farms and database architecture.
- Must be Proficient in associated technologies including Microsoft Stack, Office 365, SSRS, SSIS, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, and Power BI.
- Must have a bachelor's degree in computer science or any equivalent.
- Microsoft certification in database management and administration will be a plus


Category : Database Administrator
Posted : December 8, 2023
Salary : 8000 / Monthly

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