Sales specialist Qatar

Sales specialist Qatar

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Bookandine (Qatar) is actively looking for a Sales Specialist who can help grow and reach their partnership base in Qatar.

Roles and Responsibilities

- As a sales associate, you will be working on representing the company through outreach and onboarding initiatives for potential clients (partner restaurants in Doha)

- You will keep track of possible leads and maintain business relationships in accordance with company values and guidelines.

- As the sales manager, you should be able to identify what potential partners need and offer a solution that could satisfy them.

- You will also be responsible for creating new marketing strategies, evaluating the old ones, and adapting to necessary changes if needed.

- You are expected to maximize your capabilities and contribute to the growth of the company especially in terms of sales through partnerships.

- Most importantly, you are expected to be able to carry out the same values that we do and conduct business with integrity.

- Therefore, you will be accountable for the overall quantitative and qualitative results in your area of assignment.


- Must have experience in creating and implementing sales strategies for outreach and onboarding tasks

- Must be able to speak Arabic and Filipino

- Must be available to coordinate with the marketing team for optimized sales and marketing efforts

- Must have good interpersonal skills for educating prospects on the company’s ideas and values, as well as building rapport and trust for potential onboarding

- Preferably (but not necessarily) have a driver’s license


Category : Sales Specialist
Posted : November 21, 2023
Salary : N/A

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